ANANIA's Weekly Specials:


1227 Congress St   207-774-8104,    323 Broadway  207-347-7450,  

606 Washington Ave  207-774-4639


Good through January 8th, 2019


Ham or Veggie Italian Wrap  $5.29

Our the wrap of your choice with all the fixings

 of a regular Italian plus lettuce & sprouts


Meatball Parmesan

Our meatballs and our red sauce, 

 topped with provolone cheese and baked in the oven 

small sub- $5.29     large sub- $7.29



Deli-Style Chicken Salad - $4.99


On the deli bread of your choice with lettuce



Brown Bag Special - $6.99

Small Regular (Ham or Veggie) Italian,

can of Coke, 59cent bag of Lays &

 a small Anania’s Whoopie Pie 

(or make any sandwich into a Brown Bag Special,

just add $3.00 to the price of the sandwich)



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